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    I have heard resoundingly positive feedback for the CQ series and having a CQ20B myself, I am extremely happy with everything.

    I have heard a lot of requests for,

    1. User permissions and the ability to lock the screen.
    2. Custom fader bank/CQ12T is limited to 5 channels per bank.

    I will update as I receive more. Thank you as always for a best in class mixer.

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    Features that I would like implemented are:

    1: Custom layer
    2: FX return EQ
    3: Mute groups

    There are probably other non important additions that would be welcome, but at the minute nothing else springs to mind.

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    A signal generator would be great!

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    My wish list:
    Pre post fade aux switching per channel please.
    Mute groups
    Fx EQ.

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    And scene improvements! Like Recall Safes/filters, move/insert scene order etc

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    Hello A&H

    I returned the Cq20b to my dealer because of disapointment about Effects Quality.

    If you do not have the chance to use more usabel algorithm then at leasst please hand over more tweaking parameters.

    Perhaps then I rejoin the CQ-Cmmunity.


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    I think it’s pretty clear that the two most requested features for the CQ series mixers are mute groups and DCAs. Anything else is a DISTANT third at best…..

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    I missed this thread so started my own however I will post my thoughts here as I posted them elsewhere and I agree with Brian this is my post

    Since I have been on this forum I have been looking at the suggested new features. I am sure that Keith and the Back Room Boys ( is that a K-Pop band)?

    There are 2/3 that are way way ahead of all the others.

    1. Mute Groups.
    2. DCA/Mix Groups

    In my opinion, coming from a Soundcraft Ui background, these are the two features that I also miss most.

    Over several threads, these two subjects have gained over 100 votes each. Rather than chasing some of the more obscure requests, can I ask that the software developers concentrate on these two features?

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    I’d most definitely need a way to mute the MAINS and the MONITORS by a control button when using this as a live mixer for our band. I assume that’s what people are asking for “Mute groups”? It’s a beautiful product, and that’s the main thing I’m finding missing for our purposes. IS it there and I’m missing it? THANK YOU, Eric

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    You could use the Mixing Station app if you want mute groups. 🙂

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    Thanks, I wasn’t interested in using any apps. Once our band starts playing, I like to just hit a button to mute on our breaks, or if we have music on during the break, to mute everything but the aux the music is going thru. . Know what I mean? It’s a pretty commmon thing

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    input output routing matrix
    more effects
    dca/mute groups
    custom layout on the screen

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    Mute Groups …Just wondering how or why this this little console was sent to market without the ability to mute selectable/multiple channel inputs with a single mute group.

    Did this not come up in the board room?

    It should be the first option for the Soft key programming …Mute all or Selectable input mute

    Mute groups are essential , please add ASAP

    This is 2024

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