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    I would like to have a system with two physical consoles, one at FOH and one for mixing monitors.
    How can a mic split or direct input of the input signal be sent to both consoles?

    Can this be done with the DX Hub? All diagrams show an array of inputs, but I note an exclusion of multiple consoles on these diagrams.

    It appears the input selection and channel assignment of the consoles is versatile and robust.

    But can we connect the dots, having a system with two stage input boxes routing out to two consoles? Thanks for helping me sort this out.

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    The document in the second link you posted shows direct links between consoles via the SLink.

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    Clearly, but linking consoles is not want I want to accomplish. I’m looking for two separate mix consoles from the same inputs. This can be done with an analogue split, but I’m hoping A&H accommodates doing this digitally.

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    In the future it is possible using Slink expansion card, but for now it is not possible I think. They also won’t have gain tracking but at least you can compensate using Trim.

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    No, that’s not possible and won’t be in the way you want it instead the future either. The only possibility is to add a Dante card to both SQs or an SLink card to the monitor SQ. Then you can use DX168, DX32 or AR/AB series stageboxes to connect to the built-in SLink port of the monitor SQ and connect the FOH SQ with the additional card(s).
    Another way how you could use it NOW would be to use the built-in preamps of the monitor SQ (no DX/AB/AR!) and connect both SQ with the built-in SLinks.
    In all those cases the monitor SQ controls the preamps and the FOH SQ can only use Trim.

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    I was just listening to an A&H webcast and it looks like they show something similar to what you’re looking for: @ timestamp 27:40

    Looks like an option card connects an SQ to several stage boxes, and then that SQ shares the audio channels with another SQ — probably only one console can control the actual preamps in the stageboxes, but you probably wouldn’t want two consoles fighting to control the preamps. If adjusting trim on the 2nd console for the shared inputs can’t accomplish what you want, I’m not sure what more you’re looking for… the only way to have separate preamps would be to do the split before the audio inputs get converted from an analog to digital signal.

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