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    Hi folks!

    I have a problem that I’ve been putting aside for a long time and I wanted to tell you about it to see if a solution, that I can’t find, exists.

    I have always used my dLive (CDM32 + C1500) in association with MainStage. This one serves me as a plug-in host (the sound goes from the dLive to the computer via Dante or Waves, I have both cards) and as a MIDI orchestrator (via A&H MIDI Control in “MIDI Thru” mode).

    In this last role, Program Changes are used for scene recall (MainStage to dLive) while Control Changes allow me to control MainStage parameters in absolute mode (faders and rotary knobs) from the dLive MIDI strips (faders and rotary knobs) but also, at each MainStage patch change, to recall the dLive MIDI Strips faders and knobs to the values defined in the MainStage patch.

    For this last point to work, in MainStage, for each hardware controller assigned to a software controller, you must send the MIDI value back to the dLive MIDI Strip via the “Send Value to” option. This loops the loop, the MIDI communication becoming bidirectional.

    This worked very well until the last major update of MainStage, 3.6… Since then, it has been impossible to make the rotary knobs work in a coherent way! Indeed, with the “Send Value to” option enabled, if you turn a MIDI Strip rotary knob a little bit, both rotary knobs (the one of the MIDI Strip and the one linked in MainStage) will almost instantly get stuck at the maximum value… As if a MIDI loop had increased the value to the ceiling without any possibility to come down!

    The only way to regain control is to deactivate the MIDI communication from MainStage’s Control Change to the dLive (de-assign “Send Value to”) but this is really not practical because the values of the MIDI Strips’ rotary knobs no longer correspond to those of MainStage’s rotary knobs (linked to plug-ins’ parameters). So, when you touch a rotary knob on the dLive, the value of the linked plug-in parameter “jumps” all of a sudden… not good in a live mix.

    Just to be precise, the problem is limited to the rotary knobs… The faders of the MIDI Strips still work as expected.
    I’m sure the problem is with the MIDI implementation of MainStage and not with dLive. Nevertheless, if you have an idea, a solution, I’m interested!


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