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    in every monthly show, my musicians will say that the sound is particularly good today, and after a few days, they may say why the sound is so bad today。I didn’t change the parameters when they said the sound was good, and I didn’t change some parameters when they said it was bad
    I’ve checked every possible issue, but nothing has solved it。

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    Do all the musicians say the same thing on the same day (ie it’s either all good or all bad, not not a mix of good and bad on the same day??).

    Are you utilizing ambient and/or crowd mics? Is it possible that the audience sound was different on the good vs bad days? (ie some days it’s too soft or too loud, etc??).

    Is the band locked in better than normal on good days?

    You really need to press the musicians when they say “today was a good day” and find out WHY it is better. They need to be as specific as possible to help understand what changes week to week. Honestly I don’t think you will find that the “system” is changing, but rather some other variables (some of which I mention above, but there are lot of other variables it could be as well).

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    Having the same issues. I work at a church and our musicians/vocalists say that things get muddy from soundcheck/rehearsal earlier in the morning to actual services. We use Avantis for our FOH console and have the pick point set at the preamp and are feeing the MEs straight from the the direct outs, but they are all claiming that volumes change…eq’s change & etc. Anyone with any ideas what could be happening?

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