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    We are swapping out a GL3800 48 channel mixer at church with an SQ7. The problem that I am having is that the existing system was wired such that the main, delays, and fills were wired to the matrix outputs. My understanding is that these are mono sum outputs. How can I connect these on the SQ7 if it does not have summing outputs?

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    the SQ7 has 3 stereo or mono matrix outputs and the main left right
    so no problem here

    what do you mean with summing outputs?

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    The matrix output is listed as a LR mono summing jack so it is not true stereo on the GL3800. Therefore, to use the same cable running to the stage that is currently plugged into the analog mixer, I cannot use the LR outputs on the SQ7. I haven’t found a dual XLR female to 1/4″ TRS female adaptor. The block diagram on the GL3800 says the matrix output is mono summing.

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    You can set any or all of the three matrix busses as either mono or stereo; see the reference manual page 63.

    There are two 1/4” outputs available that you can then patch mono matrices to through the I/O screen, but you’ll still need an adapter for the third one as you’ll need to use an XLR output there.

    There are still only three matrix busses available to you, whether you use them in stereo or mono. But from what you describe, three should do it for you.

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    I’m still learning the SQ7 But I too am under the impression that the SQ doesn’t offer summed outputs. On my QU I can easily change an output to be a combined L/R out on a single mono output. On the SQ – Matrix or not, the option is for a stereo pair or a mono output. Selecting stereo just assigns two physical outputs as L&R.
    I have also tried assigning multiple sources to the same output on the output assignment screen with no success. It is frustrating because summing can be a valuable tool in certain scenarios.

    If all your inputs are mono there’s no probably no harm in simply sending mono to your various speaker groups, but you are out of luck once you add a stereo input. Unless of course you reconfigure your entire PA 😉
    I would avoid a simple Y cable or similar, but perhaps you can invest in a couple of cheap devices to sum the stereo outputs externally? Its a bit clunky but probably easier than rewiring the whole venue.

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    KeithJ A&H


    I think there might be two things causing confusion here.

    1 – Whenever a mix (Group/Aux/Matrix) on the SQ is set to mono, all stereo sources being sent to it will be summed to mono and the Pan control will disappear on all mono channels when that mix is selected. So really you have the option to sum every mix output except LR! This is different to Qu which has fixed mono or stereo mixes (and stereo matrices on some models), but where you do have the ‘L+R’ option explicitly available for AES/Alt Out.
    2 – All outputs (and inputs actually) are freely patchable. i.e. to mimic sending L+R to the Alt Out on a Qu, you could route LR to a mono matrix, then double patch the matrix output to both output sockets A and B.

    Hope this helps!

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    I will work on this some more tonight. Thanks for everyone’s input. I wish there were 1/4″ TRS matrix output jacks on the SQ but oh well.

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    Søren Steinmetz

    Just patch the TRS as Matrix outs in the I/O panel.

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    As Soren said, simply patch your Mono matrix to the A & B outputs, these are TRS.

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