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    Hi Folks!

    New to the dLive system, trying to set it all up, system consists of a C3500 and a CDM48. One thing I can’t wrap my head around is the LRM system.

    What I want to achieve is independent LR and Subs, and this is what I read in the manual:
    “LR+M – A 3-way main mix with independent stereo LR and mono M busses. Channels
    can be separately assigned to any combination of LR and M. Typical application for
    M is main centre speaker, mono PA or bus-fed sub bass.”

    I set it up in the config menu, got my LR and my M, however the LR and M mixes seem to be one and the same. When I send something into LR, and I switch to the M mix, it is already there in that as well, with the same level, and vice versa.
    Am I misunderstanding something here? I thought it was supposed to work like an Aux mix, where I only send specific channels into the M, and not that the two mixes follow/mirror each other…

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

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    Played around with it a little more, am I correct in assuming that in an LRM system I can only assign what goes into the M along with the LR, but not set it’s send level so to speak? So I can have only a few channels going into M, but they will go with the same send level as for LR.

    So if I want to have control over how much of a given channel goes into M, separately from LR, then I need to set up a Matrix or an Aux for that, right?

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    Nicola A&H

    That’s correct. The bus assignment is independent but the ‘main’ channel level applies to all main mixes (LR and M).
    I would definitely suggest an Aux for subs if you want to control the send level to the subs for individual channels. I would also place the Aux fader strip next to LR and appropriately name/colour it.

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    First, there is no right or wrong way of doing this…..

    That being said, I will say that the way A&H handles this is probably the preferred way. While I don’t want every channel going to my subs, I do want the channels being routed to my subs to be at the same level as my LR. If I need more/less low end for a particular channel/group, then using something like channel/group EQ is appropriate to increase/reduce the amount of low end in the system. If you need more/less overall lowend, then that should occur in your system processor during system tuning.

    Obviously you can also use something like an aux to do this routing instead of LRM to add the desired flexibility, but doing so opens up other issues. Mainly the fact that if you are changing the volume of your subs relative to your mains (ie adjusting the sub aux level without adjusting the LR level the same amount, or vice versa), you are changing the effective crossover point of your system during the show.

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