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    There is a problem with my QU-16.
    When connecting or disconnecting the condenser microphone when phantom power is ON, but the channel is MUTE , there is a loud click on the output of the mixer. Why? What’s this?
    Microphone is DPA-4099
    Software is v. 1.3
    Thank you

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    For this very reason (and even in analogue desks) the manual will always state making sure 48v is off whenever plugging a mic in. I’ve gotten into the habit of always checking, as it’s a real efficient way of bricking a ribbon mic 🙂 It’s just good practice to have phantom off when plugging.

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    There has been a discussion on this recently. I think the main problem has been changing scenes with phantoms changing. That possibly might be addressed at some point we hope. For now as above it is always a good practice to turn off 48VDC when plugging or unplugging a mic. I have seen this same problem on analog desks for years even with a channel muted. In studio work we have always done that. Too much risks on ribbon mics and well as expensive monitors.

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    This is a known issue with early models and is mentioned in the firmware release notes. You should contact A&H Tech Support.

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    thanks guys
    I hope technical support are at this forum. I understand very well that it is better to turn off the phantom power before disconnecting the microphones. But this should not be. MUTE function must disable the channel COMPLETELY. Is not it?
    I think Allen Heath will test this problem.

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