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    Hey all,
    Super happy to finally be on our full tour rig (2x S5000, DM64, DM0, Waves 3 Record) but wanted to see if there is any DEEP processing in the works for future updates. I’m certainly scrolling through forums for other things I’ve experienced but as to processing there doesn’t seem to be as much discussion. I’m sure it’s been said before but a 2500 emulation would be invaluable to my show.

    Thanks for all the support and happy to be a part of the family!

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    Oooh a 2500 would be dope. I could see additional preamp/drive type options. Would also love if inserts could be the DEEP compressors, so you could accomplish two-stage compression on certain sources. I understand that logic is coming from my studio background, so in a FOH or monitors situation it may not be as useful, but for broadcast or post mixes it absolutely would be.

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    In an interview with Rob Clark you could have seen him working on a Distressor over a year ago. If it just did not make its way into 1.9 or got dropped totally, I won’t expect a official word on.

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    Bob Briessinck

    I’d love to see some EQ Deep stuff! Especially the more aggressive stuff live API & Neve.
    But a distressor would be great as well.

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    +1 on DEEP additions à la 2500, but also BIG +1 for ability to insert a DEEP processor! I could REALLY use serial compression on a few things…
    Similarly, it would be FANTASTIC to be able to insert an NEQ12 on the occasional “problem” input (that needs a bit more sculpting than the 4-band offers) without having to route it through a Group.

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    and broadcast limiter

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    A distressor would be my top pick. Right now there is really nothing similar in the Deep architecture (the preamp models can’t be added on an insert or group, matrix, etc).

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    Agreed on inserting DEEP or NEQ processing on any insert – I route my mono “squax box” matrix back to an ext. input on an input channel solely to gain gate/expander functionality on that bus. I especially like DTE for this task. (I sidechain this to my PA LR matrix with HPF, allowing the level of my talkbacks and such to rise and fall with the system and avoid any choice comments from being heard by the audience in my general vicinity)

    I would really love to be able to load a few EQ models for group processing such as a Pultec style EQ. The lack of BW control on shelves feels a bit limiting on the stock PEQ and a different EQ flavor would allow for much more freedom.

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    Julien F

    +1 on more agressive eqs and coloured compressors!

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    It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying your tour rig and are interested in potential updates for DEEP processing.
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