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    Hey Community,

    I saw that there are 38 Mono Busses that you can configure (+ fixed PAFL and LR). So thats 19 Stereo. If we subtract the SQ standards (3 Matrixes, 4 Stereo FX sends) there are 12 left. So Avantis has no more bussing capability then SQ? Or am I missing something here?

    Regards, Alex

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Alex,

    A correction if I may.
    The FX sends in SQ are mono busses. If you configure an Avantis to match the bus structure of an SQ (4 mono FX sends, 12 stereo Aux/Grp, 3 stereo Mtx, 1 PAFL, LR) you should still have 4 spare mixes remaining in your Mixer Config screen.

    This might not sound like much, however one of the advantages of Avantis is that the bus architecture is much more configurable.
    So for example, a Monitor engineer might need a lot of Aux mixes, but no Matrix (even no LR perhaps). You could get say 12 mono + 12 stereo monitor mixes depending on the number of FX in use.
    Conversely, at FOH you might need very little in terms of Auxes, but plenty of Matrix and FX sends.

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    Hey Nicola,

    thanks for your answer! You are right, I‘m mainly doing FOH and the 3 SQ matrixes are sometimes the Problem.
    Another perspective: the SQ really is a powerhouse in terms of bussing for that pricepoint. Thinking about an Upgrade to Avantis a little more capability like 50 Mono Busses would have been nice… 😉

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    Missed opportunity to sell this feature set to churches. In this world, we need many custom or personal mixes. Every endpoint, really is a custom mix. So, I would like to see a demonstration of that out of the box. I’m still learning, so I may have missed it.

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    Thinking about an Upgrade to Avantis a little more capability like 50 Mono Busses would have been nice… 😉

    You might think about upgrading to the DLive system then. The Avantis is a really good step between the SQ and DLive, but the DLive certainly has more capacity.

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    You might think about using the ME-1 personnel monitors. You can set up to send up to 40 inputs to be controlled by the user for there individual mixing. Each input on the ME-1 has a (6 char, if I remember correctly) label from the Avantis scribble strip on the processing channel. There are 16 input buttons, but an input button can be used to group inputs in to a “group” mix which is them mixed with the otuer inputs to create the final output to the headphone
    For my church I sent about 30 inputs out to the me-1, 1-6 (praise team instruments) (put on button 1 as a group), 7-11(girl singers) (put on button 2 as a group), 12-16 (put on button 3 as a group), the rest are individual: piano, pulpit, minister, other separate handheld wireless mics, computer, cd players, etc
    This might help so you could use the Advantis instead of a dLive system.
    You do NOT need to use the A&H signal distribution box ($$), can use a simple POE ethernet 100/10 M switch (need to look in the ME-1 forums and find the discussion fro the type of switch) I am running a cat 5e cable from FOH (GX4816) to stage (generic POE switch) then to the ME-1’s on stage. Works great and the musicians that use headphones, etc love it. Took just a little bit of explanation for the musicians to understand now all great.

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