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    I am curious, is there any talk of the iLive getting a firmware upgrade for the filters and scene crossfades or is all the R&D/Dev being dedicated to GLD?

    Has anyone heard anything?

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    this is a very good question!

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    From A&H activity (or lack of) on forum and blogs I feel like iLive is already EOL… I am not saying it is because I would have no knowledge of this but seems really quiet. I was surprised to see GLD get features before iLive. I know my iLive cost me more then my GLD and was branded as the flagship of their digital mixers. Is this changing?

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    Well I would certainly really like to see further feature upgrades for iLive – scene crossfades would be my single biggest wish.

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    Yeah, i worry also a little bit about the flagship status of Ilive. Maybe they are working on an Ilive 2 or something and this Ilive is really EOL.

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    I’m sad to say it, but I think that A&H has stopped any iLive development. All their attention was on the GLD then on the QU. I expect in another year we’ll see an iLive 2. The GLD has gotten some new FX and the scene cross fades, both of which I’d love to see on iLive. I don’t think those features are going to trickle down (up?) to us though. The current firmware is stable, so I think the 1.9x version is going to be the last real update to the iLive system.


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    It has been quiet for months.
    Ever since GLD was introduced, I sensed that the possibility of end of life cycle was near for iLive. I certainly do not want to create any consternation or fear, but prices have gone down on many digital mid range systems. If it is true, and we are near the end, that would be the shortest life cycle I personally have seen yet. I then wish I would have went another direction, as the Y****a users at least can trade up. Spent a great deal of time promoting iLive, and I hope I don’t see depreciation any faster then normal.

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    Mark Oakley

    End of Life?!?! I just acquired the funds to finally buy a T112/IDR48. It should be arriving by the end of this week. I sure hope A&H doesn’t announce an iLive 2 in the next few months. I’d love to see a Transient Designer effect from the GLD line become available for the iLive.


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    I think they will continue developing the iLive series! For sure there will be an iLive2 in the future… but i think that want be this year, not even next year! You shouldn’t complain about what you don’t have.. you should suggest what you really need! Then everyone who’s with you can “Thumb up” it and A&H will recognise the big need!

    However, the A&H engineers are a specific amount of people.. they can either develope more features for existing mixers OR they can develope on a new mixer-serie!

    At the last roadshow in Frankfurt i talked to some of the A&H guys, they told me that the software for iLive, Qu-16 and GLD isn’t the same! That’s the reason that it isn’t that easy to implement the same feature at the same time! Especially the iLive has some more features then the GLD and if you wanna have another feature implemented in iLive they have to do more tests on it that nothing of the existing features running into errors!

    End of my words… go on and ask for what you really need – or leave A&H develope a new Mixer that will beat all the other brands! ;D

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    I sure hope that iLive isn’t abandoned in the development department.
    Whilst I personally have no urgent desire for any additional features there are loads of requests from this forum and its previous incarnation, some of which have been addressed for GLD and QU but not yet for iLive.

    In an ideal world features should appear in the flagship model and then filter down to the lower cost lines.
    It seems crazy that features that have been requested can appear in the budget QU and not in the iLive.

    I can understand loads of development time being thrown at new lines when they’re released with a partial feature set to get them into market quickly, but once that initial hump is cleared at least some attention should still be paid to the big boys toys.

    Worst case some effort should be made to provide these features on iLive once they’re available on GLD and QU.

    …but then who knows, A&H never talk about features in advance of release. Maybe there’s another iLive update on the way that addresses the list of features that have been requested over the years but never gotten around to.

    Some sort of a statement, however generic, on the future of iLive development would be nice.

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    I had my work purchase into the iLive line because of the then flagship status, and my expectation of future updates and upgrades. Initially, customer support seemed strong and responsive, but has lagged over time (as others have indicated correlating with the releases of GLD and QU series.) I was miffed when the GLD owners got an app for free after I had to shell out $100 to get an iLive app. I’m equally disappointed that the GLD now has features that my iLive system does not.

    I personally will not be buying any more Allen & Heath digital products. I don’t feel that they stand by them once they “move on” to the next series of products, regardless of where those products sit on their in-house food chain. Very frustrating, and I’m not afraid to admit that my first foray into A&H turned out more like an industry coworker termed it when he heard I’d bought an iLive from “Allen & Grief.”

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    Are you guys expecting new features right up until the day before an iLive 2 is announced? It’s been developed into a stable, maturity platform with way more features than the original specification envisaged, while GLD is still reaching maturity. As eotsskleet pointed out, if it’s a choice between refining the iLive to death, or working on a replacement, the latter will enevitably happen after a few years. How old is the iLive platform now? Coming on for 8 years now if memory serves me correct.

    Sometimes I wonder if they should charge for feature updates beyond the original specification, as people have seemingly come to expect regular, free feature releases like spoilt children.

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    mervaka –

    The iLive-T was introduced NAMM of ’09, just 5 years old. I’m not a whiner about constantly demanding more and better free features, and I’ve pretty much agreed with all of your posts. I do remember A&H in the past mentioning an upcoming pitch shifter for the iLive-T series and have been waiting to no avail. I could not give a hoot about the dynamic eq or multiband comp, a couple of studio tools, but if I saw any kind of pitch tool, I would be complete.

    I’ll keep using my R72 or T112 until something better comes along, but that time is not here yet.


    -Tim Tyler
    Detonator Sound

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    Agreed, the T was introduced later than the modular, but it seems a common codebase, hence I referred to the iLive platform. Offhand, I think the modular was introduced way back in 2006ish sort of time, you can’t expect them to keep adding to that codebase indefinitely.

    The iLive doesn’t suddenly become a crap mixer overnight because the flow of new features stopped.

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    no but there are still some major features missing from a console that I can go out and buy today!

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