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    Will an Ipad mini work as well as a regular Ipad for the QU-24 ? What’s a good router to use ?

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    I have used my iPad mini successfully with my QU16 – although I usually use my iPad 2. I use an Apple Airport Express as my router. Before that I used an older Linksys and then on to a Cisco E2500 router. Then I moved to the Apple and it has been far ore reliable. having the airplay function is handy too.

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    +1 for the Apple Airport Express!
    I use mini’s too!

    In case you don’t know what Apple Aiplay is … well, here’s what it is:

    With the use of an Apple Airport Express router (no other Apple router) it has a mini 3.5 mm stereo headphone output connector on it.


    Using an inexpensive patch cable like this, or similar


    connect the stereo headphone jack to a pair of mono inputs, or a stereo input on the Qu, then play music from anywhere in the room from the same iPad you are controlling the Qu mixer with. It’s wonderful!!!

    Setting up the Airport Express router to control your Qu mixer is super easy and extremely reliable with the free app called Airport Utility. Once it is connected, swipe up from the bottom of the iPad, iPod or iPhone and you will see “Airplay” as an output choice. Choose “Airplay” then your music on your iPad will stream in stereo to the router and in turn to the Qu mixer.

    As incredibly reliable as these aAirport Express routers are and very reasonable, you will want to get one for your home stereo system too, so that you can play music from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod from anywhere in the house through the home stereo.

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    Does “Apple Airport Express MB321LL/A” works for WFi for iPad and use Airplay feature ?

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