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    Hi / greetings
    Can anyone suggest
    Looking for and iPad app I could use as a 32 channel meter bridge to run off USB-b utilising the iPad camera adator.
    At the moment I can utilise Reaper mixer template on a PC or Mac however wanting to use an iPad so all 3 iPads will be flat along the rear of the QU at the back..
    I looked at Auria by wavelabs however thats only 24 channels.
    Any sensible disscusion aprreciated 🙂

    Thank you

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    Dick Rees

    Have you thought of a Mac Mini and a nice sized monitor?

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    Thanks for the reply
    No but I have now
    Do you mean a macbook pro mini?

    I think I’m really wanting a detachable screen or an mac pro or something that will allow me to have 3 screens flat/level along the front above the QU.
    I’m wanting to get the screens within easy reach although I dont need to touch the Reaper screen as I have a keyboard in front although that is not really necessary.
    I have 3 days mid-day to midnight live job coming so wanting to keep surface all for mic inputs and as you can see, sub groups/delays efx etc.. off ipads. Which should all work fine. [just like an old analoge desk huh?]

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    Dick Rees


    Can you run Reaper on a Mac?

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    Reaper on a mac?
    phew wow absolutely! AND [AU]apple have their own native reverbs & effx etc…so you can utilise those and bring back those reverb returns back into the Qu fo every conceivable type of reverbs you want [less the dry-sound of course] anyhow i’m deviating from OP

    Mac mini driving a small screen yes… that may just be the answer.
    In fact there an app for turning an ipad into an extension screen. The mac mini might drive that? I think the app is called Duet. Costs a few dollars though.

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    Dick Rees

    Yup. Wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, nice screen(s) and Reaper might well be the ticket. Compact and powerful.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out.

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    Look at post 35723 here

    Seems we can have 2 iPads & an Android going at the same time.

    So that’s another way of doing it…..

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    Frankly – any PC and an iPad as a remote screen?

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    Yes, thanks Bob, Mark
    I’m running 2 iPad pros and a PC for the meter bridge running Reaper mixer view, 32 channels.
    At sound check of a band tonight after 10 hours setting up 3 stages, that meter bridge was so good to have.
    Being able to ‘eye spot’ the meters just made things easier as I’m a long way from the stage.
    My new set up is really quite brilliant!
    Right iPad I have my Matrixs delayed speakers and sub groups
    Left iPad is my effects and ST 1/2/3 in so… no having to switch layers.
    Pics to follow next week.


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    David Haughton

    Hi all, in line LED channel metering with the will give you peak indication before the channel actually clips, so you will see a red LED flash here, although there’s no peak hold…

    If you really want a meterbridge you should be able to see everything you need with Qu-Pad on just a couple of iPads.
    Also, David Giga’s Mixing Station Qu for Android would work well and offers a zoomed view of channels.

    It’s possible to use a DAW to meter your inputs as long as you have your USB ouptut patch set 1-1.
    (Ch 17-18 are assigned at LR by default for Qu-Drive)

    Waves’ Tracks Live has a good meters overview. A laptop or mini PC with additional display would do pretty nicely.


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