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    I have just ordered an SQ5 along with the fairly new MADI option card. I want to use it as my main live mixing console.

    Besides that, I have an RME UFX+ connected via TB to an Intel NUC, both being housed in a shallow rack.

    Now I plan to integrate the SQ with the UFX+ via MADI to do the following:

    1) Route up to 8 input signals (e.g., from Vox Mics) from the SQ to the UFX+ and back to the SQ so that I can do some VST plugin processing in the NUC while still keeping the redundant/original signal in the mixer in case the PC goes down.

    2) Route up to 8 multi channel playback tracks from the NUC (Ableton) to the SQ5.

    Unfortunately I have no experience with MADI and especially Wordclock yet, but I like the idea of keeping all signals digital between input AD and output DA. My questions are:

    – What is the correct way of connecting the UFX+ with the SQ MADI card for Audio? I suppose I should use BNC 75 Ohm cables as this is natively supported by both.
    – How to handle Word Clock? Should UFX+ be the WC Master or the SQ?
    – Also regarding WC: the SQ MADI card has a separate BNC connector for WC In/Out while the UFX+ sends WC via the MADI out BNC. Connection-wise, assuming the UFX+ be the WC Master, do I need some kind of T-adaptor on the SQ side to route the signal both to the MADI in and the WC in socket of the SQ card?

    If anyone of you can help, it would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance!

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    KeithJ A&H


    So it should be a fairly straightforward setup physically, you just need a couple of 75 Ohm coax/BNC cables exactly as you suggest, then choose whether you’re going to use link 1 or 2 on the SQ MADI card and hook them up (almost certainly link 1!).
    Regarding the Word Clock and sync in general, the important thing is to have one source. If you’re concerned about the computer going down (even though the UFX+ should continue to run) or if there will be situations where you’ll use the SQ without the UFX+, it might make sense for the SQ to be the source and have the UFX+ sync to it. You should be able to select the MADI input as the clock source in the UFX+ settings.
    If you’d rather use the UFX+ as the source, then you can set the SQ to sync to the incoming MADI stream by first selecting the MADI link you’re using as the card’s clock source in the ‘Setup > Audio > I/O Port’ screen, then syncing the SQ to the option card by selecting ‘I/O Port’ as the Audio Clock Source in the ‘Setup > Audio > Audio Sync’ screen.

    You should not require a T-adaptor or extra termination, but you’ll need to ensure sample rates are matched on both the card and UFX+.

    Patching at the SQ end will be to and from the ‘I/O Port’ sockets in the I/O screen or using inserts. Which channels go where will depend on the sample rate, but link 1 will be 1-32 or 1-64 and link 2 will be either 33-64 or a redundant connection.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the explanation, Keith. That defintely helps!

    So if I understand it right, the WC In/Out of the SQ MADI option card will not be connected physically in this scenario, correct? I would only need to connect it as follows:
    UFX+ BNC MADI Out <–> SQ MADI card MADI In
    UFX+ BNC MADI In <–> SQ MADI card MADI OUt

    After doing the configuration you’ve described, then that’s it?


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