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    I would love the option to route inputs directly to the matrices.
    There are inputs that just don’t need to be sent to a group, and would benefit from being sent to the matrix outputs, for example a playback device.

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    I could use such a functionality as well.
    Our SQ is currently setup such that we run a direct out from a channel via hardware cable back into the SQ as “Mix In” at one matrix.
    1. This is done for a mic for a translator. Hence, I don’t mind the additional delay by AD/DA converting the signal several times (translators voice is always behind anyway).
    Also I do not mind possible sound degeneration, since it is neglectable and also doesn’t go into the main mix.
    2. Although the workaround fits my usecase I am in constant fear of creating a feedback loop when messing with the I/O page.
    So +1 for an internal routing option (would work for me, even if it would not be possible to keep phase coherency, although it would be nice…)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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