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    When you pick an input for side-chaining, is that pre or post delay? I won’t have an opportunity to experiment for a while, and, as best I can tell, the manual doesn’t say.

    I can see arguments for either way.

    IMHO, it’s pretty easy for gates to mess with the attack of percussive sources, so an obvious use case for using the pre-delay signal is to use an inside kick mic to open the outside kick mic’s gate. In my case, I’ve got my drum mics time-aligned with the overheads (which are in an XY configuration so that there’s “one” source to time-align them all to), which means I could even side chain a channel’s gate to the pre-delay signal of that same channel. There’s an obvious work-around: tie-line the delayed input over to another channel and use that as the side chain input. Some of us actually need all 128 channels though — either due to simply having that many inputs, or maybe we have to split our MixRack two or maybe even three ways — so we might not have the spare channel(s), especially if we end up needing to do this to the whole kit.

    OTOH, unless you literally want 0ms of attack on a compressor (which is certainly valid, just not common IME), you’d probably want to side chain that off the post-delay signal.

    So I guess this is a two-parter: 1) Does side-chaining use the pre-delay signal or post? and 2) Can we get a switch for that? I won’t be in front of a surface to check the real hardware for a while, but on Director there’s plenty of room for a checkbox next to the drop-down menu of side chain sources.

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