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    A rather confusing thing about the Avantis GUI is that it doesn’t seem to tell you which show is currently loaded.
    It does show which was the last show loaded but, both me and my colleague find this confusing and wonder why that would even be useful information.
    Regardless of whether it is or isn’t, could someone tell us where we can see which show is currently loaded and if that isn’t shown, can we please get that displayed?


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    Hi Yvo,

    I think this is just the way we label things that’s causing confusion.
    The ‘Last Show Recalled’ displayed in the UI is the current show.

    We say last show recalled to indicate to the user that this is not necessarily the current state of the console as things could have changed since the recall.
    We do the same thing for the scenes display on the dLive (if that option is turned on).

    So you already have the feature you are looking for.

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    Hmmm, kind of but not quite.

    Say I work from a template show that is not your template show… (I do and so does everyone I work with).
    Since there is no way that I know of that makes one of my own shows act as a true template file, I need to recall it and save it as whatever I want to call the show.
    But after I’ve done that, afaik, the ‘last show recalled’ still shows my template file and not what I just saved it as.
    Now understand that this is perhaps factually correct and by design and everything…
    But in order for today’s show to appear as the last recalled/current show, I’d have to:
    1. open my template file.
    2. save it as ‘today’s show’
    3. recall ‘today’s show’.

    Is this correct?
    If so, that seems a little cumbersome (certainly since recalling a show isn’t exactly snappy) and I’d hope that a more intuitive way of doing this could be implemented in the future.

    Now I understand that doing a ‘save as’ on a computer doesn’t automatically turn that into your active file either.
    Perhaps those of us who work with our own templates could get a way that allows us to turn a show into a template file.
    i.e. if you recall it, it directly prompts you to save it under a new name and that immediately becomes your current session.

    I understand that, as long as I don’t accidentally overwrite my template session, this IS effectively how it already works, apart from the fact that your ‘last recalled’ show could show something that’s days/weeks/months old.

    We’re a team of three here, we all found it confusing and unintuitive, we’re not absolute knuckleheads.
    Am I missing something or is it something that could perhaps be improved down the line?

    Thanks for considering.

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    Mike K

    Agreed with what Yvo says. I’m sitting at an Avantis right now at the LA Auto Show, and I have no way of telling what show, or what scene is current. I would have to store a scene and then recall it to get the triangle showing what scene was last recalled. Same with the show, I presume. Not good.

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