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    So from the musician stand point, I use 2 I pads. One is my music on planning center, the other for click and tracks to be played during services. At some point I would love to have a Me-1 setup to control my IE as well. Becomes very cumbersome just having 2 I pads to contend with. Because I am one of those clumsy left handed drummers I have a hard time using the One pad for both music and click. I think I could get by with music and monitors. So a dock similar to some of the other companies are doing for small mixing systems. Only it has a network in, and headphones out. If a local mic for ambiance or local input for the click track could be added that would be a bonus. The dock connects through ACE or D-snake back to the QU, GLD, or I-live. Using the already available apps the GLD and Qu have plenty of available control for most musicians. The Qu has more than I would ever need for just monitor controls. GLD I have not played with nearly as much, I live is already good for I pad to control aux mixes. A good POE switch like the ME-hub and you have the local Audio that we can not get with the I-Pad Apps currently. The I pad is only a control surface, no audio need to pass through the Ipad, only the Jacks on the hub. Want to get real crazy, change it up to FOH dock and run the PFL through the network and out the headphone Jack. Turn the ambient mic into talk back. I Run my Qu often sitting on the side of the stage using the I-pad Wireless to control to walk the room. I would gladly run a cat-5 for the dock to pick up those two bonus options. This is also where the rack version could come in very handy. And would be a huge leap forward in front of those other rack units showing up for so little money.

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    What a fantastic idea!

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    So a chargimg dock with a “mini me-1” Controls on the iPad (although not audio)

    any reason the iPad mic can’t be used as ambient if it’s docked? Suppose it would likely be overloaded on most stages…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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