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    Thank you for the info guys. Nicola, note to Dev Team, the undercarriage LED light show should be in the GLD80 Chrome Ground-Pounder edition? LOL

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    With out looking at all specs. [Workload and so I just don’t have time]
    And as I don’t own a GLD

    Question: are there downward expanders per channel on the GLD?

    appreciate a simple answer.


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    Mark Oakley


    Isn’t a downward expander just a gate with variable attenuation, rather than on/off? I’m pretty sure the GLD has one of these on every channel.


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    Yes, downward and variable. Threshold and amount of reduction.
    Can that be used with the new automixer?
    I don’t have a GLD
    Lots of QUs though.
    I’m Looking to the future for a large job with multiples of lectern mics


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    I never considered a gate as a DE. If so, I stand corrected.

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    I quite look the look of the GLD Chrome
    It will be quite some months before I can see one here in NZ (pics only tell you so much)
    I know.. same old girl underneath. (although new firmware)
    It looks modern!
    “perception huh?”
    I lost a large job through “perception”

    I was never taken with the original colour of the GLD and only went with QU as it had digital stage boxes that I didn’t have to spend hours programming.

    anyhow The GLD now has my attention, so
    I’m just really inquiring / gathering info.. from you guys that have had them for a few years.
    No criticism here from me, just genuine enquirer.
    Downward Expander from google :
    In practice, expanders are used in a very similar way to pure noise gates, with the only difference that downward expansion is smoother and more gradual, and it is therefore more difficult to get the attack and release times wrong. Some units provide the possibility of choosing between gate or expander action.
    I have used both, and both have a place.
    So much to read in such a short time.
    Back to work now..

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    Isn’t a downward expander just a gate with variable attenuation, rather than on/off? I’m pretty sure the GLD has one of these on every channel.

    Mark, an expander works a little bit more like a compressor–gain reduction depends on how far the signal is below threshold–while a gate applies the same gain reduction for all signals below the threshold. At least that’s how I understand them.

    What the GLD currently has (v1.5) is a gate, not an expander.

    Dave, if you have the time, the Editor software emulates the layout of the surface and touch screen menus quite well, so it’s worth downloading and playing around with.

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    Gates tend to have a fixed (but user variable) attenuation level while expanders tend to be ratio-based, like a compressor looking at it’s threshold from the wrong end.

    Whether or not it makes a difference for your application is a different question.


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