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    Bass Boy

    Hi all,

    My current setup involves an S7000 with a DM64 for our FOH mix, and an S5000 with its own DM32 for our IEM mixes. We’re about to add in a C2500 for our broadcast mix and run it off our FOH DM64 using the new multi-surface features from Fistral. We don’t use even 64 channels for our FOH mix right now, so I’m planning on allocating the first 64 channels for FOH, and basically duplicating them onto the last 64 for our broadcast mix.

    The issue (or hopefully non-issue) I’ve been thinking about is that our broadcast room is pretty far from our DM64. I know we’ll have to get from the GigaAce port on our C2500 to a GigaAce I/O card on our DM64, but does this have to be a direct point-to-point connection, or can it be routed through one of our building networks via a switch? While we could theoretically run cable through the building conduit, because of the way we’re set up, it would be quite the undertaking. A much simpler solution, if it’ll work, would be to set up a VLAN on two ports of the switch next to our DM64 so as to isolate them from the rest of the network, and run from those ports on the switch to the I/O card. By isolating them with a VLAN, I imagine that would eliminate any chance of our other dLive components (or any network components) “interfering” with the GigaAce connection, but I just wanted to find out if it’ll work, or if I have to start preparing myself for a nasty cable run. Thanks y’all!

    EDIT: As a side question, is it correct that I should run from the built-in GigaAce ports on the C2500, or do I need a GigaAce card in both the DM64 and the C2500, and then connect those two cards?

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Bass Boy,

    In principle what you suggest would work, but there are certain considerations to make e.g. make sure your VLAN has full Gigabit bandwidth available and any Layer 3 protocol is disabled on this VLAN. See here under ‘General Rules’.

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    Bass Boy,

    From a Q&A session, there is another option if you only need mix control and don’t need to carry audio to/from broadcast via the dLive network connection.

    You can use the regular network connection (management network) from the C2500 back to the DM64 over a regular Layer 3 VLAN. The GigaACE alarms will be on, but you will have full mix control (and meters) on the console. Audio would need to be via another method, possibly Dante, for monitors and and I/O.


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    Has any one ever setup a S-7000 and a DM-32 Mix Rack that communicate through a Cisco SG-300 Switch using Giga Ace? I’m looking for some assistance with the setup of this.

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