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    I just can’t figure out how to get some of the fx-returns only to the subgroups (not directly to the main LR).

    My setup is ip-channels to subgroups to main LR, and I want the fx to be processed in the subgroups together with the channel signal if possible.

    Any ideas?

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    yes, shure. remove from lr and assign to group, just like the ip channels

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    Thanks Gab!

    `I still don’t get it… When assigning channels direct to subgroups I used the Routing page and for ex kick, snare etc Main- off, Aux 1 to 4 – on (monitors) and subgroup Dr – on, this goes on for the whole band (15 channels). This works fine and I also have two DCA’s (one for all IP-channels and one for all Subgroups)

    But when it comes to FX I’m not sure. I need to send IP channels to the first two different fx (FX 1 and 2) with the return to all subgoups. For ex the vocals, keyboard and guitars send to fx 1 and I would like the FX 1 return to go to Subvox, Subkeys and Subguit.

    Where can I find the FX 1 return for these three different subgroups?

    I hope my question makes any sense:) Or maybe I have got things all wrong regarding the sends and returns, I just can’t find where and how to rout the FX returns to three subgroups.

    Returning fx to aux/monitors works great, because here I can see the fx returns on layer B in each of the four monitormixes (mix 1-4), and can just adjust the returns I would like to get just raising faders to 0 (the once I will not use in each mix I just keep fully down)
    It seems to work anyway..
    I have aux 1-4 as mon mix and the mix select 5 -10 as Groups – but when pressing any mix select knob from 5 to 10 (my groups) it has the same settings as the main LR – except the Masterfader.

    I.e. when for ex Mix Select 10 (subgr Vox) is selected and I change the fader level on for ex FX return 1 all way down, the same happens with the fx return 1 if going back to Mix Select main LR –and versa.

    As you understand, any assistans would be great of help!

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    Why would you have different FX returns of the same effect for each subgroup? There is ONE stereo return per effect and it can be routed the same way as every input channel. Select the return, press routing, take it off the main and on the subgroup in question.

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