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    Hi all,

    I have a brand new SQ5 and it’s connected to a brand new AR2412 (budget restrictions prevented GX or DX stage boxes).
    It was delivered with 1.5.7 and all was perfect.

    I’ve just done a FW update following the instructions to a tee and now the S-Link icon on the console’s screen is flashing. AR2412 was connected and on when doing the FW update as there was nothing to say this shouldn’t be the case.

    Does this flashing mean anything specific or will it stop after a while?
    Should I just power cycle the AR2412 and SQ5? The D-Snake and Monitor LEDs on the AR2412 are also both flashing amber, but nothing is plugged into the Monitor ethercon port of the AR2412.

    Many thanks for your assistance.

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    I just went back about 10 mins later and it’s stopped and all is now acting as I expect it should – no flashing of the icon on the screen and the only the D-Snake LED flashing (monitor LED now off).

    I presume it was pushing the FW update to the AR2412…

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    I had the same problem yesterday with my SQ + AR2412, rebooted/reconnected many times because I was worried about the flashing SLink symbol on SQ…. I left the place to catch a new cable…but after I came back 15 minutes later everything was fine: no flashing anymore.

    I’ll keep an eye on that… but I am still a bit worried.

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    The SQ is updating the firmware of the connected stagerack.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi all,

    @SteffenR is correct – expanders will check and update firmware (if needed) automatically on connection.
    More details about this process and connection to expanders can be found here – https://support.allen-heath.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4403666880913-General-Connecting-to-the-SLink-port-


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    This topic has previously been answered by Steffen and Keith. I’ll add a comment here about how this played out in my scenario, in case it is helpful or interesting to any readers.

    My symptoms where similar … the AR2412 “Ready” light remained off with the SQ’s Slink indicator blinking for about 15 min before I heard the relays engage and indicators return to normal. I did recall about the firmware updates and suspected this might be what was going on, however I had last updated my SQ firmware over a month prior.

    Note that in my home studio configuration it is common for me to shut-down the SQ while leaving stage boxes powered. It was when I finally had the entire system powered down (and re-energized) that the firmware-update delay was encountered in the AR2412.

    So I suggest considering stage-boxes as part of the system when performing console-firmware updates. 1) shut-down console AND stage-boxes 2) perform firmware update 3) boot console and stage-boxes. This could have avoided my becoming confused since all update procedures would have occurred in the same time-frame.

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