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    I found an issue, which I’m unsure if it’s a bug or intentional, but it needs to be addressed. I recently added a DX168 to my system, and patched the click track preamp from that box. After doing so, when I recalled a scene with the entirety of the click track channel blocked, it still recalled the preamp of the DX168 back to its original 27db, startling the performers. I looked back and noticed that the the channels patched from the DX168 had changed to allow preamp recall, but everything else was blocked as before.

    This also brings about a feature suggestion as well. It would be great if there was a preference to allow the preamp values to follow the channel rather than the socket. For instance, in a church setting, if I rearrange the stage, but am using the same sources, I have to note where the gain was for each channel, and reset it once I patch it to the new socket. It would be wonderful if our keyboard would stay at 13dB when I change the preamp from I/O 1:35/36 to I/O 1:63/64.

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    If a preamp is patched to two channels, which one should it belong to?

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    I agree that it would be helpful to have the option of saving gain levels at the “channel” level. I understand why recalling a different patch will currently recall the gains of the actual preamp. I also suspect using the preamp level is less challenging to program and implement. That being said, it can’t be “impossible” to handle it at the channel level vs the preamp level. An even better solution would be to allow the user to make a global choice on how they want gain levels to be handled when patching/recalling inputs – preamp or channel level.

    If a preamp is patched to two channels, which one should it belong to?

    The system would have to store the current gain setting for the selected channel during this process. This also means that the gain setting for the alternatively patched input would not change (even if the actual input did change) because the system isn’t going to “know” the input is double patched. That is the potential downside to making the system work in this fashion, but why in a perfect scenario the user would be able to choose which method they want to employ (at least globally) . The user can select which method they want to use given their scenario knowing there probably isn’t a perfect solution, but at least they have an option to pick which scenario works best for their workflow.

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