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    Please excuse my newness to the world of digital mixing consoles. I will be leaving a well-trusted A&H ML4000 analog desk (that I have been mixing with since 2000) in February and moving to a DLive 7000 Surface with 64 input stage box. Thankfully, the new equipment has been in-house for a couple of months so the steep part of the learning curve is taking place offline.

    My question is: Once the “default” setup is done (fader strips assigned and most Group and Aux assignments completed) if the need arises to move an input to a different fader strip, does all the attributes of the original fader strip move with the input to the new fader strip. In other words, can I expect all the settings associated with the original fader strip to follow to the new location, i.e. moving an input from fader #4 to fader #16?

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    Hi Barry,

    Yes, the channel settings and parameters stay with the channel. You can assign this channel to any fader strip in any bank/layer, that doesn’t change what channel you are working on. This is one of the gotchas of digital mixing. In the analogue world, XLR 1 = channel 1 = fader 1. In a digital system like dLive, channel X could be sourced from XLR Y and assigned to fader strip Z. The processing settings and parameters are an attribute of the channel, not the XLR or the fader strip.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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