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    I use an SQ6 with an AR2412 and the expander out to an AR84. For years no problems.
    Last 2 gigs I’ve been having problems. The SQ6 has the latest Firmware.
    Set up SQ6 with AR2412 and AR84 all working fine day 1. Power down equipment.
    Come back next day the desk will not see the AR84. No flashing sync light.
    Change Cat5 link cable still nothing. Did the gig by patching the extra channels I need straight into the desk.
    Next day set it all back up to test and it all worked ok. AR2412 with AR84 as the expander, sync lights flashing, desk seeing it
    This weekend I tried again. Set up day everything was all working. This time had a pair of IEM’s set in stereo on the 4 outputs of AR84.
    On show day it was all working fine until the last act. Came to use the IEM no output from the AR84 to IEM. Desk sending, routing and in/out patch still set correct in desk. I had to take out the floor monitor sends from mix outputs on AR2412 and use these, all fine.
    But I had 4 radio mics going into the first 4 inputs of the AR84 and these were still working. So receiving input but giving no output.
    I just can’t get my head round why it works when setting up prior to going on the gig. Works when tested on set up day then fails on show day?

    For bigger Festivals when I need up to 40ch I have always used the AR2412 with an AB168 as the expander. Again used it for years like this with no problems. Now if I set up the stageboxes to desk it will not see the AB168 expander. If I just go straight into it as a stagebox all is ok I get a 16ch stagebox. Connect it back as an expander and nothing no sync flashing light.

    So why am I having all these issues when using expander stageboxes?
    Is there a known fault, bug, firmware issue.
    I’ve had no trouble for at least the last 4 years running with the AR84 or AB168 as add on expander stageboxes.

    Look forward to any help or suggestions I can look at


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    Rafael A&H

    Hello Gary,
    it seems like your ‘expander’ port at the AR2412 might be having a hardware issue.
    Looking at the pattern of the times it has failed, it is always only the expander linked to this unit from the expander port.

    Please submit a ticket at out support centre so I can follow up and advise you how to proceed in order to get this unit serviced.


    Thank you,
    Looking forward to hear from you.


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