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    I’d love to see the option of using an expander or ducker. Perhaps as alternate choices for the gate processing slot?

    A ducker would be especially nice. While side-chain compression can approximate a ducker, there are certain cases where a true ducker is required to reduce level while preserving the original dynamics, or where a compressor/ducker would be employed at the same time.

    An example would be bass guitars. The overall instrument benefits from compression, but it may be desirable to additionally sidechain some ducking relative to the kick drum beats to allow the kick to really punctuate.

    Expanders would be nice to reduce the hums and buzzes of certain sources (I’m looking at you, guitar amps!), without the brutal binary open-close nature of a gate.

    P.S.: We’re eagerly looking forward to using the iPad app with our S5000/DM48. 🙂

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    I just get a S3000 in my venue, very good feeling at first! Very nice features already comparing with standard Yamaha’s that I know too well.
    I can see there is now a ducker available in the gate slot, but why no expander? It’s super useful for us in theatre when actors are all miked so that we don’t get all the leaks and bleeds from the monitors and-or other actors. it helps a lot in terms of intelligibility.

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    the gate is as useful as needed for this task…
    the hold and release are the parameters to tweak

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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