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    Loving this mixer. Everything has been super intuitive and well laid out with one glaring exception.

    It took me 20 min to figure out how to add EQ to an input channel. When I went to PROCESSING, every channel just had 3 knobs, that when pressed, took me to an easy EQ. I was very surprised to figure out that I needed to

    Press the folder
    Go to complete
    Scroll to the bottom and select LINE LEVEL INPUT

    and then repeat this process for every single channel

    This should be the default setting for every channel. You shouldn’t have to go through this to access basic tools. If I had to learn this mixer on a the fly, everything would have worked for me except for this.

    Was there an easier way to do this? If so, I missed it.

    Seriously though, I’m loving everything else in this mixer. Appreciate what you’ve built here

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    Nicola A&H

    The Quick Start templates in the Home screen let you set the desk to one of several starting points, including all Complete channels with flat PEQ and default comp and gate.
    Check out the Quick Start section in the user guide which is now available on our website: https://www.allen-heath.com/resources/

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    So you didn’t watch any of the launch videos surrounding the CQ and how it was designed then?

    Keith quite clearly outlined that the CQ has been designed for for those who now very little about comps, gates and eq, and for those that are fully fledged sound engineers. So starting off in Quick mode was the obvious way to do it.

    Hardly a major operation to swap from quick to full…


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    Yeah, certainly not a large operation now that I know about it. My problem was that I learned how to use everything without a manual or videos, which was great because this thing is laid out so well. Then, when I couldn’t add EQ or Compression, I was searching in videos and the manual for EQ and Compressors. The last place I thought I’d find it was Quick Start.

    If this board was sitting somewhere, and I was asked to run it without prior knowledge, I’d be able to run everything on it with 5 minutes of poking around with it, EXCEPT I would have no idea how to add EQ/Compression. In a mixer full of great design choices, I think this one misses the mark. If you are unaware of Quick Start, a section most engineers would skip over, you have to go through the process I described for each channel, which is also difficult to find.

    IMO, there should be a VISIBLE setting inside PROCESSING that allows you to switch the channel or channels from QUICK to COMPLETE. Having to find a preset nested in menus just to gain basic functionality is not ideal.

    And I know, read the f’ing manual. However, I just thought I’d point out that my user experience without a manual was completely flawless, except for this. In a perfect world, someone with knowledge of digital mixers would be able to step up to the board and operate it without needing to watch videos or read the manual in its entirety. And, a beginner would also find easy to use settings right off the bat. A difficult balance to find I’m sure.

    I’m extremely happy with this mixer so far, and now that I know this piece of information, I’m off and running. I thought it might be helpful to point out my one struggle and offer a suggestion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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