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    Hello there !

    I’m often using my SQ5 and a DX168 for rapid and convenient record session with bands.
    The work-flow is really confortable.
    I often need my SQ5 during the recording for many things to do, but lot of time, i only need adjust the preamp and that’s it.
    My computer (via USB-B) is recordin and that’s it.

    A very cool and time saver option in this case could be using the DX168 standalone directly plug in a laptop via EtherCon !

    So here’s my question :
    Is it possible to create a little software installable on any laptop, through which we could adjust just the preamp settings (gain, phantom, phase and pad)
    and give access to a DAW to receive the 16 DX inputs.

    So it is…
    several times I asked myself this question.
    Perhaps that is a stupid question ?
    I hope I will soon be able to know the secret
    I also hope my English is not too disgusting

    Musicaly !!

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    I’m not sure that this works on any platform other than Dante but check this out:

    DT Preamp Control


    Hmm, seems like it might be Dante only.

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    The DX transfer protocol, is an A&H proprietary protocol, as such would it require considerable development from A&H to create a Windows or MacOS interface software, which is probably not economical for the company, especially as the DT168 ((Dante protocol) does allow you to do just what you require, as mentioned above.

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    Yes, i understand it after for the flexibilty of the Dante protocol…
    but at the time of purchase, the additional cost of the DT168 was too high for me.
    I can imagine that creating a small interface to drive a DX with a computer and recover its signals could have a cost …
    But such usefulness!
    But perhaps there would also be a kind of concern in this case, to open the door to a possibility of mixing on a computer …

    Anyway, I wonder if this is a recurring subject.
    I have heard the same kind of questioning from Beringher or Midas users.
    Being able to use your portable preamps in a lot of different configurations would be a great bonus from A&H.

    As for the protocol, it would continue to be protected within the software. No ?

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    Several pages of pros and cons pursuant to your question are discussed in the SQsb thread. The subject has been thoroughly hashed out in this thread.

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    I searched but found nothing relevant to the subject.
    Do you have a link?

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    “In SQ general discussions”
    SB (stage box) Form factor for SQ series.
    #96062 – started Nov. 2nd 2020 – by Alex Petrov 59

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