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    Please add a new “dummy” fx-type to QU-16 fx-rack.
    Dummy fx-type means: The input signal of the fx-type should pass directly to the fx-output(return) without changing the signal.
    This could be used for creating a group with the fx3/fx4 return.

    My idea:
    Set all inputs (you want to group) to e.g. Mix5-6. The Mix5-6 will be now the new group channel.
    deactivate the input channels in LR.
    Then use the Mix5-6 as input for the FX3 or FX4 (back panel)
    Now FX3 or FX4 output(return) can be routed to the LR.

    Requirement: the input signal must pass the fx-block directly to the fx-output(return)

    Problem: the empty rack option of FX3/FX4 does not tranfer the input signal to the output.

    For testing you can use a mod-fx or reverb-fx type for FX3/FX4. But the signal is processed by the fx-type. The signal is not dry.

    That means if it would be possible get a dry signal thru the FX block, then you can use it as a group.
    disadvantage: one FX Block is needed for it.

    Normally this should be a small change in firmware to inplement this !?!

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    I’d like to see groups done “properly”.
    But if that’s not possible for some reason, or will take a long time to sort out, then this idea is a very clever work around, & I’d welcome it too.

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    Mike Storm

    Have you tried with a Chorus with Stereo Fields set to mono, and Depth, Rate, Pan Depth to -inf?
    Of course it is not ideal – the return level is somewhat lower than the send, and bear in mind the return is out of phase (has extra latency) so careful about mixing with other channels!

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    Yorkshire Pudding

    Or A&H could just add the wet/dry mix control for all the effects – regardless of how they’re wired up. At the moment I think this is only available when the FX is wired to an insert…

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