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    Russ Baker

    Would like ducking with a similar feature set to the ducking on the Qu. I do a lot of sports events where it is important to have background music ducked when commentators speak. The ducking on the Qu is great for this, but there is no ducking on the SQ (yet). Right now, it is the embarrassing situation of using the SQ6 as the main mixer, but having an external unit, or a Qu-Pac, set up to provide the ducking capability.

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    Hi !
    So you can use the sidechain fonction to compress the background music channel 🙂

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    Russ Baker

    Using a compressor is a workaround, but there are limitations with it because there is no “hold time” in the compressor parameters, and the amount of gain reduction is limited. Now, you can provide something of a workaround this lack of a hold time if you are using a mix to provide the side chain, by inserting a delay FX into that mix to re-generate the ducking trigger, but without a hold time setting, this will still produce a “sawtooth” effect for a hold, not a consistent hold level that a true ducker will.

    Without a hold time, the ducked signal will start to increase in volume as soon as the side-chain signal stops, coming back to normal levels over the release time. In the case of a commentator interviewing an athlete, this means that background music can start to come back in during the period between when the commentator asks a question and the athlete answers it.

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    FYI, this has been solved with V1.3
    It is NOT in the current release notes for some reason.

    Go to compressor, click the library button, select ducker. Side chain and everything.

    Thanks @audioguy

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    Any idea why this was added to the compressor library and not to the gate library instead? Ducker is more of an inverse gate than it is related to a compressor’s function.

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    I would like to have a ducker option on the gate instead of (or as well as) the compressor too, and/or available as an insert. This should be fairly easy for A&H to offer I would think.

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