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    I’m trying to confirm or deny a rumor that the Qu Series now support Dante. Really what I’m wondering is if the AB168 can be used on a Dante network?

    Reading the May announcement of firmware 1.9, I truly doubt it, as they would have sung that bullet point to the heavens, but I wanted to hear if from people who know.

    Also, curious if the iDR-16 stage box is compatible with the Qu Series? This with the new M-Dante Allen Heath card installed could be our solution.

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    The dSNAKE protocol that connects the Qu to the AR84/AB168/AR2412 is proprietary.
    Not sure about the iDR-16.

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    dSnake protocol is proprietary for GLD/Qu mixers to connect to their stageboxes as Bob said. iLive/dLive use a totally different concept where the mixer effectively is located inside the “stagebox”. iLive/dLive does not connect to dSnake boxes nor does Qu/GLD interface with iDR stuff.
    There are Dante addon cards for GLD, iLive and dLive but not for Qu: Dante support

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Moki,
    Qu mixers don’t provide a Dante interface. However you can use the USB interface and a computer running Dante Via to integrate a Qu mixer into a Dante network. See here:

    Qu to/from Dante

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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