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    OK so dLive is not even released to the masses yet – but Someone had to start this thread!

    Here’s my dLive feature suggestions/ and Dream requests:

    – Scene Preview. The ability to preview and EDIT a scene on the surface or Editor that is not the current live scene or mixer state. This would be fantastic for THEATRE users for programming advance scenes during rehearsals. Also useful to check any scene contents. This would require a BIG visual indication that you are in PREVIEW mode and be quick to toggle out of!

    – KVM remote switching using one of the built in dLive screens: toggle your PC/Mac etc to display on the dLive 12″ screen, mouse and Keyboard control from the dLive. Surface would need a video INPUT for this to be possible. This feature would be a great help for using external plugin’s (WAVES Multirack for example), Qlab, or recording software, Smart, wireless monitoring,etc even Editor?

    – In Editor – Ghost overlay of the combined DCA effect on each channels fader. So you see the actual fader as normal plus a transparent “Ghost” of it’s actual level post DCA control.

    – Full mixer control mode in iPad app – or at least access to scenes and FX parameters for Admins.

    – Split Mixrack/ Dual surface mode: Divide the mixrack DSP into 2 x 64ch mixers each with 8FX, 12 DCA’s, split outputs, own PAFL mix etc with the ability to connect two surfaces in Main/Monitor mix configuration. (Dual surface connection is already being looked into by A&H)

    – Road case with storage compartment/s in the large void created by the tall/high mixer screens. Empty space otherwise!

    I will be mighty impressed if some or any of these suggestions are implemented or already in dLive!

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    KVM ? how about screen mirroring over network

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    The ability to send groups to Aux/FX busses (iLive can’t! and it’s a pain!)
    Hopefully more than 5 characters in each channel strip’s name?
    Touch screen PC layout considerations for Editor – such as Tall faders mode (and on iPad app), bigger fader targets, and MUTEs separated from other buttons

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    You’ve got me thinking here because the routing possibilities of ilive is what i find most interresting. So I checked, and to my surprise you’re right, one can’t send a group to an FXbuss…
    You would have to use a standard Aux with a rackFx inserted in it, then use a matrix to mix the created auxfx with any standard aux you had. like you said… a pain.

    What about full midi support?
    The ability to use the mixRack without the control surface made it a simple choice for many… now that everyone is building such systems what about opening midi to all the functionnalities…

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    – Compressor-Sidechain = selfkey preEQ (like the iLive)
    this allows us to keep the compressor without EQ effect, and we can send the signal to monitor-aux without compression.

    – Custom Rotary Fuction = “Gate Threshold”

    – Matrix = reset button (complete)

    – Patchbay = split to Input- and Output Patchbay, please

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    – when “Scene Editing Confirmation” is active, a popup is started when you want to store a scene in the “Scenes” window.
    but there is no response, when you push the “Store”-button on the surface.
    is this desired?

    – when a scene is locked, there ist no resonse, when the “Store” button is pressed.
    I think it was good, when the message “Store impossible” is pop up on the screen.

    hope you understand what I mean

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    I would like to see something like Macros (Digico) or Events (Avid) – thats a really powerfull feature on Digico or Avid Consoles and very nice to have.
    That would be great!

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    I have a few feature suggestions for dLive.

    1.) Thunderbolt option card for the dLive system.

    2.) Ability to view Waves Multirack on The right screen. Control of Multirack on the touchscreen would be fantastic. This feature would be great for Dante as well… (Like KVM switch on Midas but through ip network?)

    3.) Macro’s or Event’s would be very beneficial.

    4.) A way to use a soft key to cue an external DAW. For example, use soft key 1 to start DAW recording.

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    What would be the benefit from Thunderbolt interface? More channels than Dante?


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    Hmm Thunderbolt connector or Ruggedised CAT6 / Opticalcon difficult choice😊

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    Knowing Neutrik, they’ll throw a shell around it and call it ThunderCon or something 🙂

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