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    I need tp patch a 3500C aux output to a Yamaha CL5 input
    I made the patch in the Dante controller today and when I did the icon on the CL5 showed “?????” and I did not receive audio.
    I tried a couple times with different aux outpus and Dante inputs on the CL5 with same result.

    Should this work? If so, what aspect of the connection am I missing.

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    Søren Steinmetz

    On the CL5, did you make the Dante patch between Dante and the channel on the console ?

    And another thing, samplerate mismatch perhaps?
    (The CL5 defaults to 48K afair )

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    correct I patched from the 3500C transmit channel to the CL5 receive channel.
    I did not check the sample rates but we patch the 3500C transmit channels to a Yamaha RIO without issue.
    And we patch from the RIO transmit to the 3500C receive channels also. Which works.
    Everything on the network is supposed to be 48k, but I’ll check.

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    Let’s break down the entire signal chain:

    – Dlive aux bus is routed in the IO menu/Output Tab, to Dante Card IO port, channel X
    – Dlive clock sync is set to Y
    – Dante Controller (DC) sets Dlive Dante card clock sync to Y, 48kHz
    – DC sets CL5 Dante clock sync to Y
    – DC routes Dlive Dante channel X (transmit) to CL5 Dante channel Z (receive), audio signal confirmed on Device page
    – CL5 clock sync confirmed to match DC
    – CL5 Dante channel Z assigned to input channel

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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