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    Today we got word that key components to the system we ordered 3 months ago were not expected for another 5-6 months. This is for delivery to the US from a major, well-connected supplier. Are others having the same experience?

    I read a recent post that seemed to indicate that supply chain was not a problem right now. Perhaps I missed the implied sarcasm tags, or that user ordered before we did and so is just further ahead in the queue. Or maybe that user is bound to be disappointed?

    Is A&H not able to build things at all right now due to chip shortages? Are they building and shipping product but the backlog is so deep that they just can’t get caught up? A little of both with some products affected more than others?

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    A&H Dealer here. Orders are taking much longer than usual at the moment. And A&H are not the only ones dealing with this. Basically all we ask our manufactures now is when it will ship.

    The secondary issue is that all these companies have to keep the firmware updating every time a component is changed out. You can see that in the last few releases notes for Dlive.

    Yet another issue is that demand is also up. So with low/no stock, chip shortages and high demand for product it’s a disaster to actually get anything.

    It’s frustrating…

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    I’m very thankful that the mixer being replaced is still 100% functional and we can keep using it as long as we need to.

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    Yes, we have the same experience. We’ve been waiting for our dLive system for 8 months. We just received the surface, but no sign of the MixRack, so we have a very expensive, very nice looking paperweight at the moment. 🙂

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    All manufacturers have this problem at the moment. Yamaha currently also says “available in several months”.

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