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    I would love the option to use the director software directly on an ipad. My laptop and ipad screen are the same size and same processor but the touch functionality on the ipad would lend itself very well to using the director software and now there is no technical limitation to why this can’t work.

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    I use a fairly inexpensive Windows tablet for this.
    The Director offers so many more possibilities than the MixApp, so I’ve been using it that way for years.

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    As above there are so many limitations to the mix app for the iPads. They either need up the control suctions of the mix app or a second app as full director would be ideal.

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    A&H should send a dLive and a bag of money to David at dev-core so he can get the Mixing Station app fully featured for dLive. It is currently in beta, but with some assistance that could quickly change.

    I like the idea of director as fully featured on pc/mac, and then a great iPad controller like mixing station for actual live mixing.

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    I use a 13″ 2in1 laptop that obviously can be used as a tablet to run Director. It works well, but I also have been using Mixing Station Pro on our Avantis and honestly I like it better. (I used it for years when we had an X32 and it was the one thing I missed when we switched to the Avantis). Plus you have the advantage of the app being available on just about every type of platform. I use an Android tablet for example.

    I cannot think of a single function that isn’t available on the Mixing Station app. I actually like using it better for some of the adjustments that Director app forces you to use the “rotary” knob for (gain settings, input number selection, etc). The director software is so sensitive that it is nearly impossible to dial in the right number without minutes of trial and error. With the Mixing Station app I can dial in the number I need much more easily – hitting it on the first attempt nearly every time.

    About the only thing I like better on the Director software is dialing in the Dyn8.

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    Mixing Station for dLive is available now!

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    I just got the ‘purchase license’ pop-up in the beta before posting, but the app wasn’t updating to include it. I just figured it was a bug…instead it was awesome news!

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