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    I’ve had my Qu16 since 2014 and in that time I’ve had problems from the beginning of 2015.
    At first the digital noise problem was intermittent but as time went on it got so bad until the noise was on every channel and wouldn’t go away ever. So when they tell you that there is a solution or work around for this problem there isn’t. Right now I have to spend $400 for a new board and $200 for labor. They are fixing it at the music store by me. Allen and Heath says send it to them.
    That would probably cost me about $200 plus insurance on a mixer that I already spent $1800 on. When I tell you I hate this mixer with a passion right now believe me. My “go to” mixer is not working and I have all of these gigs. Oh, but wait! I could buy another mixer right now until my mixer gets fixed. Right, spend some more money on top of the $1800, and the $600. I will probably get kicked off this forum for saying this, but right now I don’t give a shit as long as I can get a few members to understand what they have gotten themselves into. I am SO pissed!
    My repair guy at the music store even feels bad for me.

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    If you have a problem with your mixer from the beginning… why you didn’t send it to repair during the warranty period?

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