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    Alli Kerr

    Having an issue with a Dante card in the back of our C2500 with a bizarre IP address which is causing the following message:-

    Dante Controller has discovered an address for device ‘AllenHth-13ede0’ that does not match the subnet configuration of the local Dante interface ‘en0’.
    Possible causes of this problem include:
    Local Dante interface has link local address which is different to the device subnet
    Device has a link local address which is in a different subnet to the local interface
    Resolved device address on Dante interface is Link Local
    Local address on Primary Dante interface ‘en0’ is

    Nothing else on the network, C2500 to CDM64

    Macbook pro into primary port

    Just updated card to latest version.

    Device View only shows the fault message above

    Can’t see where I can change the address manually

    Any thoughts


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    Your MBP is set to a fixed IP of Go in and change it to DHCP or whatever the “automatic” settings are for a Mac…

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    Participant or similar ip addresses are used by the network devices if neither a DHCP Server provides a network address nor a manual address is set by the user. Because you directly connect your Dante Card with your Macbook, which has a manual defined ip address and do not run a DHCP Server, the card uses that 169.x.x.x address.
    You can manual change the address in the Dante Controller as it is described in https://www.allen-heath.com/media/ap8340_4-M-DANTE.pdf.
    use one similar to the one of the Macbook e.g.

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    Dante uses a DHCP server when present, but will auto-assign a IP adress if not. So the 169.xxx.xxx.xxx of the Dante card is quite correct. Leave your Mac on automatic and it will get one assigned in the correct range. There is no need to use static addresses for Dante even without DHCP, except for installations and fallback systems maybe, where it could help to keep track.
    I have never run into problems with automatic IPs, even in very big setups….

    What is the reason running your Mac on static IP

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    Having static IP could be necessary when using same computer for Dante and control data.

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    Alli Kerr

    Sorted, many thanks for all your help.

    Allowed the Mac to get a IP address from the Dante Card and it seems be Ok now

    Used to setting fixed IP address with lighting desk’s & fixtures, assumed the Dante card would be on the same address as the surface.

    1st rehearsal tomorrow so here’s hoping it all works Ok.

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    @ddff: even then the network port running Dante could/should be on automatic.
    The network port running the control software is better suited with static IP most of the times, I agree. But that’s two different things, read two different ports…

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    Long time but same issue.
    I’ve got the same problem on my SQ5. The desk (primary port of dante card) is connected to MBP directly, DHCP on Mac is on and automatic ip adress in dante controller network configuration for the desk is also on. I’ve got the latest firmware for the dante card (it wasn’t easy to install it on the card because dante updater doesn’t seem to work properly on my computer).
    The only not updated thing is the dante controller of which latest version is not “supported” on OS Catalina. Could this be a reason?
    I’ve connected a PC to the second dante port and on PC-dante controller MBP is black and not red as it is on Mac dante controller.
    Strange thing is that i’ve got audio signals flow between the units but Latency Status for MBP is red (more than 10ms). Both dante controllers (pc and mac) show the same stuff but on MBP my mac is red on the devices list and black on pc list.

    And the message from my dante controller for MBP is: Resolved device address on Dante interface is
    It’s the not-existing address in my network I think.

    Is there anyone with Dante Controller v on MBP with Catalina whose not having this issue? I need to know if it’s a dante controller problem or somewhere else :/ please help

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    If you search Audinate support faq page about this topic, you will find the answer!

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