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    Hi everyone,
    I am a new user of the gld.
    I have got a dante card in it with DVS.
    I use a Protools in a Mac running el capitan last version 10.11.6.
    The recording/playing process is ok.
    I am trying to configure daw control. So I have downloaded A&H TCP MIDI Driver and DAW control.
    The driver seem to work as I can see in the midi activation screen the daw control midi.
    The trouble is that DAW CONTROL do not open, when I click on the app nothing happen, no error shows, nothing.
    Any clues that could help me?



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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Pierre,
    You only need one of the two drivers. Use TCP MIDI Driver if you are planning to manually assign the controls one by one. Use DAW Control if you want to translate the GLD MIDI to HUI or Mackie Control for an easier (but fixed) setup.

    For DAW Control, have a look at the Setup Notes. Do you see the A&H icon in the Mac tray top of the screen when you launch the app?

    Also, the DAW Control and TCP MIDI Driver work with the GLD Network. To get a computer running Dante to see the GLD Network you need to:
    – Bridge the GLD Network port into the Control Network port of the Dante card
    – Set your Dante card and computer to unique, static IP addresses compatible with the GLD mixer (192.168.1.X)

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Nicola,

    thank you for your help.
    Well now I understand why I was unable to set the prefs for dawcontrol.
    Well I have run daw control set the ip address in the range of the console(I.E console:, MAC and card fixed I bridge the eth control socket of the card to the eth control socket of the console.
    Is that right?
    When I try to connect the daw control and the console, in the pref screen, tcp/ip check, mixer:gld, midi channel:2, protocol:HUI.
    It say not connected.
    WWhere is the fault?

    Thank You.

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    Nicola A&H

    The Mac and the Dante card need unique addresses, they can’t use the same IP.
    I suggest you take the Dante card out of the equation and test DAW Control first by connecting the Mac straight to the GLD Network socket. Once that is up and running, you can test the Date bridge setup. If that doesn’t work, create a support ticket here or drop us a line at support@allen-heath.com with screengrabs of your Mac network settings, the Dante card network settings, DAW Control settings, and a pic of the GLD Network settings.

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