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    Hello, first about my setup. Iā€™m running an iLive 176 at foh, idr32 on stage, two xdr16ā€™s at foh, with one of the xdr16ā€™s fitted with the Dante card. My question is, can I run my m-waves card in the other xdr16 at the same time as running the dante card in the other xdr16? I would like to use dante for live recording and virtual soundcheck and using m-waves for a waves soundgrid server. Thanks

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Brandon,

    That’s possible, but there are some routing limitations. You can take only up to 16 inputs from each card. You can output up to 64 channels to each card, but the patch is shared (the same outputs go to both cards).

    The alternative is to use M-Waves for both recording and plugins. In this case, you could set the system to take up to 48 inputs from the card.

    You’ll find the different options in the Mixer Preferences menu / Port B ACE settings.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Nicola, the reason I need to use dante is because I have audio equipment on the network that runs on dante (the following https://www.digitalaudio.com/livemix-personal-monitors/). What I’m wanting to do is to do 64 channels of multitracking, virtual soundcheck, and run a bunch of waves plugins live. What system configuration do I need to make this all happen? Thanks

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    Mike Storm

    I’d say you need a dLive system šŸ™‚
    It might have been easier with A&H’s own ME-1 personal monitoring mixers?

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