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    Dear A&H guys,

    So far I’m loving my SQ6 console, but one thing that I find quite annoying is not being able to customize the text and colour of the led bars underneath the soft rotaries, like you can with the channel strips.

    For example, when mixing live broadcast, I use the rotaries for two or more pan controls for fixed channels, to be able to easily control the stereo image of the vocals, but the displays only tell me that it’s a pan control and nothing more, and that’s not the information I want to see, and there are many more rotary assignments where the default text really isn’t what I would want to see. One could obviously argue about what information is best to put on there, and yes I know about the view button, but why not give us the possibility to figure something out ourselves? The way the channel strip displays work is much better: a custom name at first sight, and the ability to use the view button for default information.

    I believe it would be a great (and not that hard to implement, but of course I can’t be sure) feature for SQ, as it would make the soft rotaries much more useful, certainly with the SQ7 in mind, which has even more of them.

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    At least +100 from my side for that feature

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    Carl N


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    (also solely created an Account Form thos Feature)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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