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    When I open Cubase 7, I have to reset the Mackie Control midi in/out settings for the QU-24 every time I launch. Can anyone help me fix this annoyance? Running OS x Yosemite, Cubase 7.5, QU-24. I set A&H DAW Control 1.30 to auto open at boot, turn the QU-24 on, and launch Cubase. I get no DAW control with the QU-24 until I reset the Mackie Control settings.

    I also noticed with the latest QU-24 firmware update that there is a DAW control midi 4 option, whereas before I only had 3 midi options. What is this 4th one for? Thanks!

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    Nicola A&H

    What is this 4th one for?

    DAW Control V1.30 offers a generic ‘Qu’ map i.e. not specific to a particular Qu model. Up to 4 virtual MIDI ports are needed on a Qu-32 (4 blocks of 8 fader strips).

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    Thanks Nicola for clarifying my second question. Any idea why the midi settings wont stick?

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    but how to make 4×8 Blocks. with my Qu32 there are only 16 Faders to control my DAW – Cubase 8. I’ve one Mackie Control with MIDI 1 (In/Out) and Mackie Control 2 Midi 2 (In/Out)
    How to make the next 16 channels.


    It is the same in my Cubase – I have to choose Midi Channels for MC every session

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    You should be able to add additional mackie controls in cubase. I added 3 in my case for the qu24. Assign mackie control 1 to DAW control midi 4, then mackie control 2 to DAW control midi 3, mackie control 3 to DAW control midi 2, and so on for the last. I don’t understand why this cant be simpler when opening cubase, and it automatically set midi in/outs automatically based on the template. You have to follow a very specific protocol for new projects to work correctly. I have also found that if the project is setup wrong, then the QU faders will only control the input channels, and not the actual tracks that are recorded.

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    Hi, I’ve the same problem with the same configuration.

    I recognized that Cubase only looses the Mackie configuration when I restart my OS X. Even if I load A&H DAW Control at boot.

    So I put my Mac in standby when I’ve finished my work – and all works fine.

    I can unplug my QU-24, close Cubase and the settings remain untouched.

    When I restart OS X the Mackie settings are lost!

    Hope that would help you.

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    Hello – was there any resolution to this? Same thing happened with Logic Pro. Qu-24/Mackie control works fine until the Mac is restarted – then all “Mackie control midi device”s in control surface setup get reset to “Mackie control midi device 4”. I’m hoping I’ve missed something really stupid? or permissions set wrong on the relevant .plist files?

    sorry for the zombie…

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    I guess this is a Mac problem
    something went broken in the OS

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    in logic i have the same problem…. (and a problem with pan pot).

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    Hi All – am owning a QU-24 since two days and having read my eyes to bleen I’m trying this way to seek for help please.

    Am on the latest firmware 1.93 and Cubase recognises the QU-24 when I setup the Mackie controls as described.

    Mackie 1 -> 3
    Mackie 2 -> 2
    Mackie 3 -> 1

    BUT if I move fader one, then the faders 9 and 17 move also … same for all faders up to 8 (moves 16 and 24)

    What am i missing here please? any hints would be highly appreciated.


    PS: am on a imac Late 13 with 32G Ram and an i5 3,4mHz with OSX 10.13.3 (High Sierra)

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    Alex A&H

    Ho Carlos,

    Have you assigned the 3 controllers to different MIDI ports?

    Controller 1 to DAW Control MIDI 1 etc.

    There may also be an option to offset the assignment in the setup.

    If you need more assistance we can help in a ticket over at



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    You know I’d never been able to test this on a MAC using cubase but works great on PC. Being it’s just a DEVICE the map may actually work just fine in mac. This works better than the DAW control they have IMO. Even the PC users that have downloaded it like better than the DAW control from Allen and Heath. One downfall though is it was written for the QU24 so it’s missing some if you have the 32 but they’re easy to add if you just follow the instructional video they have, He gives you the basic concept of setting it up.

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