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    When using 20B on stage with a tablet FOH how do you get headphone audio?

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    You cannot monitor audio via the tablet. You have to find a way to connect back to the headphone jack on the CQ. How you do that could be any number of ways:

    1) A long cable
    2) A Bluetooth transmitter (i.e. Twelve South AirFly or similar) plugged into the headphone jack and connected to bluetooth earbuds
    3) An In Ear Monitor Transmitter/Receiver system such as the Senheiser IEM G4, Shure PSM series, Phenyx Pro Stereo IEM

    Personally, I use an inexpensive stereo IEM system (Phenyx Pro 900 MHz). With this, I can plug any headphones I want into the receiver pack. A Shure or Senheiser system would no doubt be better but what I have is fine for occasional PFL/Listen needs.

    What works for you may be different depending on your setup and budget.

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    These consoles do not pass audio to the “mixing apps” – only “control” data. Adding “audio data” to this data stream would cause a lot of issues due to both latency and the amount of data that would need to be transmitted. I am not aware of any console manufacturer that sends audio data to their mixing apps.

    As mfusa provided, there are some solutions you can use to accomplish this goal.

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    In that case I think I should go for the 18T at FOH and run an analog snake to the stage.
    Thanks for your help.

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    As this is an international forum we need to be aware that some wireless systems are not legal in all areas. The Phenyx Pro units mentioned above would be illegal in some European countries.

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    Someone suggested BT. Keep in mind that you can have 170-270 ms latency using the default SBC codec on BT. AptX LL (low latency) and some other newer codes can get up in the range of 35 ms. BT LE Audio LC3 codec is supposed to be around 10 ms. However, to use these faster codecs, you need both the transmitter and the headphones to support that codec. Also, you will want to place the BT transmitter away from the mixers built-in antenna.

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    I would stay with the CQ20B and maybe search out a Cat 6 type convertor to get your headphone audio to where it is needed. Or whatever wireless option is available in your region. Could be as simple as converting the headphone out over to XLR and using a small headphone amplifier at the mix position.

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