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    Thanks for posting. I was going to order CQ-18T until I saw this. Definitely a show stopper if the monitor mixes are unstable. Are wedges and FOH affected as well AS IEM? Maybe it is power fluctuation or a faulty unit? It seems unlikely that the CQ4You would be the culprit unless there are spurious signals, cross-talk or false touchscreen triggers. Pls post result of the Good Scene, Bad Scene comparison if it happens again. I am also interested in how your distributor responds to the issue. Thx again, Ben

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    I purchased my CQ-20B upon launch and have don’t countless hassle free shows since. The app, bluetooth and USB have all been rock solid, no issues.


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    Mike C

    We are using latest firmware & app versions, no AMM, auto-gains not involved, no comp/limiters, min. reverb/effects, and our outputs (1-6) are set to post-PEQ, etc.

    Post PEQ is not the same as PRE or POST fader.
    For monitors you generally want the mix/aux sends set to PRE FADER so any changes made to the main mix do not cause changes to the monitor mix.

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    Mr Twister

    Make sure that the Feedback Assistant on all your outputs is not engaged as this can mess up your mix. If the FBA is engaged, then reset each one. This happened to me where my mix changed where I wasn’t aware the FBA was on. Once reset, everything went back to normal. I realize you’re using IEM’s however the FBA’s may have been engaged in error at some time. Just a shot in the dark. Good luck!

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    It should also be noted that A&H typically sets up their consoles so that the mute button will mute ALL outputs (including any “monitor” outputs). I don’t have a CQ to ensure this is how the mutes work on this system, but I would be shocked if it was any different from the other A&H systems.

    This means if FOH needs to stop a signal from going out of the main outputs, but still allow the musicians to hear that input, they need to use the fader (lowering it to – infinity) rather than muting the channel. In addition, they would want to ensure the monitor auxes were set up “pre fader”.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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