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    Hi A&H Support,
    I have an SQ6 with FW 1.5.6. I have been using the console since July 2020.
    During yesterday’s rehearsal, the console showed terrible behaviour.
    During a break after 45 minutes of rehearsal, all input channels and mixes showed clipping, and that without an input signal, because the band had just had a break.
    At the outputs (main PA, InEar mixes) there was only extreme noise, of course, because all inputs clipped.
    Switching off and switching on again did not bring any change.
    I then installed the current firmware 1.5.6 again, without any change.
    I unplugged all cables except the power supply, still the same behaviour – all inputs red.

    I took the console home and today i switched it on without signal cables, the console ran for about 15 minutes without error, but then exactly the same error occurred again. I took a photo, I can send it to you.
    The same thing happened at the rehearsal last week. However, I was not there last week.
    I first suspected the connected hard drive as the cause of the error and removed the hard drive from the SQ drive port. Then the console ran for 45 minutes yesterday and the error described above occurred.
    What can I do?
    Kind regards

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    This is not the support, this is the user forum.

    You have to write @

    or contact your dealer. He/she should know what to do.

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    Hi SteffenR,

    Uwe asked friendly. If you don’t have an answer for his question, you don’t need to teach him what kind of forum this is. I think he knows it himself. 😉

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    His question was, “What can I do?”
    It was a correct answer. Obviously there is something going wrong in his desk.
    And the best solution would be to send it in for a qualified repair.
    This is what the support will organize.

    And his first statement makes me think that he was not aware that this is the user forum.

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