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    Tonight I was listening on earphones monitoring the LR output.
    Several times there was a definite although mild click.
    Cannot say if they were heard through the speakers or not; I only noticed it when using the headset to monitor.

    I did nothing but watch the board all night.
    Well I turned it on first and off at the end, but made zero adjustments even mutes on/off.
    So nobody has a valid cause to say I was the problem this time. I would not be surprised if a couple folks try anyway:)

    However the Music Director was making changes with the Ipad. He told me earlier that he would be doing it.
    And he said he did; after the show when he came and asked if I noticed anything on the board, and he said that he had adjusted the EQ.

    He had had a problem last time because when he logged out, as it also logged out the other person using the Qu32 that day.
    Apparently logging out as Admin on the Ipad will log everybody out and close down the system.

    Is this clicking likely a quirk of the software and the use of the IPad to adjust EQ on the pastors mike?
    Could this just be a random idiopathic occurence or is there a known problem of clicks appearing in the headphone monitor out?

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Volounteer,

    There are certain parameters which can cause audible noise, such as the delay or some FX controls.

    Please start a ticket at for further assistance with this and we can try to narrow down the cause.


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    Mike C

    Did you PFL every channel to make sure that the noise was not coming from an input source?

    Logging out of an iPad will not log off other iPads or the mixer itself.

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    Everything was muted but the pastors wireless headset.
    Is there anyway that sound in a mike could leak through anyway?
    Only mikes showing signal were the hanging choir mikes. And they are muted on Wednesday nights.

    All I know is what the MD said.
    When he logged in as admin and logged off then it took those logged in as standard with him.
    Could he be confused? Could the operator that day misled him? Dont know cant say. I was not there to see it.

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    If the problem recurs I will do that.

    AFAIK we do not use any FX. There may be some delays that the dealer set up. I will have to check that to verify though.

    If the click is only through the headphones we can live with it. I have not heard it on the main speakers since we got the Qu32 a couple months ago to replace the AH analogue board.

    I suspect that the earphones are more sensitive than the speakers. I had a beethoven symphony on CD that I listened to through earphones and heard the conductor drop his baton and softly say something. When I listened on my home speakers (AR2ax) I could not hear anything like that.

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    It could be the wireless headset that has a click….

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    I cannot rule that out.
    However, this mike is often used by a number of people and I have not heard the click before.
    OTOH this is the first time that I listened through the headset.

    As the MD wanted the SPL a bit lower , I left all the faders where they were unless he said to move them that evening.
    This is apparently because he says the audience is hearing the speakers at a higher level than we do in the balcony, and he is also trying to normalise the loudness that each of the volounteers sets it at.

    Maybe on the main speakers the click would not be noticed.

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