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    We have an ME-U connected via MADI to our Digico console and we have selected 40 outputs on the desk. On the ME-U we have manually named and linked all the channels but when looking on the ME-1’s we see everything apart from Ch13 with is our Elec L. When you count the input list on the ME-1 there are 37 channels (two are stereo linked so this makes 39) but on the website there are 40.

    We have rebooted the hub and me-1’s several times, we’ve tried linking 12/13 and 13/14 on the website and unlinking but this doesn’t help.

    Any ideas?

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    Is this happening with all of the connected ME-1’s or only certain ones.
    Have you tried a factory config reset on one of the ME-1, or on the ME-U.
    Is this an existing setup that changed? or is this a complete new install?

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    It’s on all the ME-1’s connected to the ME-U, it’s a completely new install. Not gone as far as a factory reset, that’s the next step unless someone had a bright idea.

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    Was you able to resolve this issue easily.

    I just found this same issues with my system. I have multi channels missing. Like ch 7,19 and 29. And channels that was made stereo appear lower Down Right channel only.

    I’m using it with a Dante system, which seems fine.

    I did a hard reset. Me-1 was fine until I started to change names and setting in Me U

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    Hi Guys

    It sounds like you’ve got some invalid data in the stereo settings in the ME-U somehow.

    In the ME-U web interface, try turning all the ‘Stereo’ settings on, saving, then turning them all off, saving, before finally setting them as you need in your application.

    Hope this helps

    – Jeff, A&H

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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