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    I have a question, could I perform redundancy on a dLive C3500+CDM48 using 2 gigaACE cards, one on the surface and one in the mixrack?
    Thank you

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    I don’t believe so. I’m pretty sure the only way to get redundancy between the MixRack and Surface is to use the DM series devices.

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    Using S-Class is the only way for true end-to-end redundancy, but if you still may be able to get some redundancy using another method.

    If you can run GigaACE through managed ethernet switches (ask A&H support about this), then you could create a LAGG between two managed switches and then connect the mixrack to switch 1, and the surface to switch 2. This would give you redundancy between the two switches, but that’s all. This could help if something were to happen to 1 of the multiple runs between the 2 switches. Again, you would need to find out if running GigaACE this way can be done safely.

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    AFAIK, redundancy is reserved for S-Class MixRacks and surfaces. You could run two cables and switch them over if one fails.

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    I don’t really know the internal architecture of the I/O slots, but it seems that they have a fixed capacity of 128 channels. To act as a redundant link, you would need 170 channels for a C Class surface and 302 channels to support an S Class surface. The GigaACE protocol and the built in GigaACE port can handle this, but the IO Ports cannot.

    As an aside, I believe the same 128 channel limitation is the reason that I/O Ports are not supported by secondary surfaces in a multi-surface setup.

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