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    I’ve been using my Qu16 for 8 years now and it’s time to upgrade my A&H system. I’m looking to buy go for SQ5/6 mixing desk and also I need at least 32/16 stagebox. As far I understand there are several options for this:

    – using SQ5 with 2x DX 168 stagebox
    – using SQ5 with GX 4816
    – using SQ5 with DX hub and 2x DX32 with builtin PRIME Inputs and outputs.

    What are your experiences with those different setups? Are there differences in PREAMP quality between DX168/GX4816/prime? I wish to go for highest possible sound quality.

    Thank you for help,

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    Andre S

    Hi knga,

    there are more options: you could also use the older AB/AR Stageboxes, which are “only” 48KHz but sound very good. If money is no problem, then, heck yeah, go for the prime I/Os. But: I have no experience on them.

    I do have heard the DX and AB/AR boxes side by side. There is a small difference. But I find that a much bigger sound improvement is achieved when the source is sounding great and you have great mics for your inputs.


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    I have both a DX168 & DX32 loaded with 8 Prime ins & 8 prime outs. My SQ5 will require a DX hub if I plan to use both simultaneously however I seldom if ever need as many as 8 inputs in my project studio where the primes will be deployed. The Americana genre is very well suited to both of these stage boxes and I use 6 tube mics for capturing in front of these outstanding pre amps and out puts. My evaluation of each is as follows;

    1) The DX168 features world class D-Live I/Os and I plan to use mine for most of my live concert FOH deployments.
    2) The prime I/Os offer, with out question, the most detailed and transparent capture of any I/Os I have experienced in 50+ years of high end studio recording. Be aware of the expense they require (a DX32 + 16 prime pre amps and 8 out put amps will carry a street price pretty close to $8.000. US dollars) Most folks that are recording classical music love this degree of transparency and are deploying 3 mics in a deca with 2 outboards. They most often will use 8 of the Prime I/Os for these most critical money channels.

    Depending upon the genre you plan to record the world class DX168s, working @ 24/96K, will be a killer match for any FOH deployment and most all project studio chores. The DX168 pres are significantly better than the internal SQ pres. The best advice I can offer is to audition both in your working environment and pick the most appropriate devices for your budget and real daily needs.

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