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    Newbie Alert – one that needs to explore the manual.

    First Sunday service with our GLD-112. Eye opening how much we have to learn. So …
    We have 2 services, generally the Pastors are the same from service to service. I made a show for the first service and we made another for the second service. When we switched shows, of course we slapped our heads and realized we ‘lost’ our eq’s for the Pastors. This was realized during sound check for the second service (different band). We decided to flip back and write down the eq’s, apparently this screwed up the ME-1’s (flipping between shows). Our second service can include a middle school band that mixes in with other songs from the main band. I had planned on making a show for that band and switching shows during the service (one of the main reasons we bought the board). But now the ME-1’s are scaring me (maybe I should post to the ME-1 forum for that question.

    I have some pretty green techs and don’t want to have them copying and pasting eq’s from service to service – never had to do that with the old GL3300. I still have to read up on scenes, is that the best way to do things? My plan is to work up a library for each Pastor, but I’m even confused how libraries work (more reading). The videos I watched did not help much with libraries (at least the ones I watched). It did make it sound like libraries are show dependent – ugh.

    Sorry so long, I’ll accept the answer – just go read the manual.

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    I’ve never worked with ME-1s but just like any other I/O patching if you don’t have ALL your changes saved before loading another show, they’ll be gone when you reload it. I would guess that this is what happened to you.

    It takes a few seconds to load a show, and I wouldn’t trust the console to pass audio while that process happens. Instead I think you should be using scenes all saved in the same show file. There are only a few things (like PAFL settings, custom meters) that are saved on a per-show basis, while everything else including fader assignments and I/O patching is saved per-scene. So, uh, be careful that your current *scene* is saved before recalling another one. Also, I’d recommend that you read up on recall filters–you may not, for example, want to have the scene recall for the second service erase tweaks to preamp gain or EQ that you’ve made during the first service on a pastor’s mic if it’s the same pastor for the second service.

    Libraries are saved per-show, but you can also load and save libraries to a USB key if it’s necessary to transfer them between shows. In our church we rotate through for bands (one per week) with dedicated operators for each band so each op has his own show file but we keep some common libraries for things like headset mics on the USB key that lives in the console.

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    I can get into a lot but I suggest doing just one show. Then have scenes for your services. Safe out the channels you don’t want to be changing settings. This is a good way to get started till you a more confident. I found dealing with shows and scenes very confusing at first.

    I would start saving libraries of standard set ups.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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