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    My church currently has an Live system at front of house and we mix for broadcast from a computer running ilive editor. The ilive surface died and Im looking into Avantis as a possible replacement. Is there anyway to have the possibility to control/see all the channels at once like you can on ilive editor. Also is there a way to make director into 2 windows for a dual screen computer so you can see both “sides” of the console at the same time. I suppose a follow up question would be does director work independently from the console itself like the ilive did? Meaning can you have a second person mixing monitors or an aux feeding a broadcast mix working independently from the person on the actual console?


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    Maybe someone else can answer definitively but I’m pretty sure you cannot run two instances of Avantis Director to see both sides of the console. I don’t think you could even do it with two VMs running one screen each because only one Director connection is supported.

    Director does allow someone to work independently on monitors or broadcast, but PAFL is an issue. You can configure two PAFL buses in the Avantis and patch the second PAFL to outputs that feed a headphone amp for the second user, but Director can’t control a different PAFL bus than the surface. As a workaround you can use an iPad to select what gets soloed to the second PAFL bus. Director and the surface are always controlling the same PAFL bus, whereas with iPad Mixpad you can have the iPad control what is soloed to PAFL 2 for the Director user while the desk solo buttons feed PAFL 1. Adding an iPad to the set up kind of gets you closer to your first goal of seeing both sides of the desk I suppose…

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    Einfach die Mixing Station App benutzen. Kosten unter 20€. PFL über Bluetooth, da die Latenz weniger eine Rolle spielt. ie Oberfläcche ist frei Konfigurierbar.

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