Avantis at 48k?

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    Hey all – quick question about our Avantis.

    Okay so – one of the main advantages as I understand it of the Avantis is the DSP running at 96k for less latency and more powerful dLive processing. What I’m wondering is if that can downsample to 48k in any sense. I know it’ll output 48k via AES. I think my main use case here is pretty simple – with the internal recorder running at 96k, I’ve only got an hour of recording time before it auto-splits. I’d love to be able to record at 48k and get two hours – for my purposes, nothing I record off the board needs to be at 96k and will be downsampled to 48k in post anyway.

    Any input? Thanks all!

    – Phil

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    Presently there is no way to change the recorder’s sampling rate. Using an I/O card (Dante, Waves, etc) could be another option if you have one installed and running at 48k.

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